About Hang Eleven

Hi there! 

I’m Christian, the creator of Hang Eleven. Through this brand I hope I can share my love for drawing and creating cool, new things! As a surfer who also enjoys high-quality, unique clothing, I thought I would join these interests of mine and challenge myself to something new by creating a brand that aims reflects both of those things. 

My motivation behind creating Hang Eleven was to make a platform that would allow me to share my designs and ideas, and hopefully be able to get some feedback from all of you!

Another important aspect of Hang Eleven that is important to me is being environmentally friendly. This means all the clothes that are sold through Hang Eleven are made-to-order, this ensures an efficient use of materials and absolutely zero waste.

The part of Hang Eleven I’m most excited to watch grow is the customisable t-shirts, allowing people to put their own twist on my ideas. I love how through giving people that option I can learn more about them and about my brand!

I hope Hang Eleven allows people to bridge the gap between having the freedom to express their creativity and individuality, and the sense of community and connection that being part of a brand’s identity gives.